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Below we have listed the most common, easily replaced parts for each model; Unlike our fellow parts sellers, we have available almost all parts, from the most obscure washer and packing nut, for the major manufacturers.  If you need something not listed, either call or E-Mail us.   We will need the manufacturer, serial #, detailed description of part needed, etc and we will do the research and get back with you promptly.

Shipping is included in the prices quoted!!

(Please remember this when you compare us to our competition)


Part Description

Part # Your Price Ordering
General Maintenance Parts

Door Gasket

TUG074 $98.50  

Door Gasket
Qty: Price: $98.50

Filters (Mesh Style Stainless Steel)

Fits Newer Machines Used to Filter Chamber Debris

MIF062 $16.50

Fill Filter Mesh Style
Qty: Price: $16.50

Chamber Brite Autoclave Cleaner

Box of 10 Packets

CB0010 $49.90  

Chamber Brite
Qty: Price: $49.90


Trays & Tray Supports
Picture Not Available


CC520010 $214.50  

Qty: Price: $214.50

Picture Not Available

Tray Holder

CC510010 $284.50  

Tray Holder
Qty: Price: $284.50

Picture Not Available

Tray Handle

CT530020 $34.50  

Tray Handle
Qty: Price: $34.50

Frame, Cover & Hardware Parts
Reservoir Cover TUK075 $20.50  

Reservoir Cover
Qty: Price: $20.50

Water Reservoir/Filter Cover

Fits water reservoir or the air compressor filter opening

TUC067 $17.50  

Water Reservoir Filter Cover
Qty: Price: $17.50

Water Reservoir Gasket TUG022 $38.50  

Water Reservoir Gasket
Qty: Price: $38.50

Picture Not Available Reservoir Assembly CD820020 $204.50  

Qty: Price: $204.50

Condenser Tube CC836101 $148.50  

Condenser Tube
Qty: Price: $148.50

Pressure Safety Valve TUV011 $48.50  

Pressure Safety Valve
Qty: Price: $48.50

Safety Valve Holder TUH032 $40.50  

Safety Valve Holder
Qty: Price: $40.50

Air Valve Jet (Black Top) TUJ034 $24.50  

Air Valve Jet
Qty: Price: $24.50

Picture Not Available Door Handle Complete CT220010 $308.50  

Door Handle Complete
Qty: Price: $308.50

Door Handle Plastic Only 02400009 $24.50  

Door Handle Plastic Only
Qty: Price: $24.50

Door Bellows Kit TUK030 $47.50  

Door Bellows
Qty: Price: $47.50

Door Bellows Housing Bolt TUB064 $12.50  

Door Bellows Housing Bolt
Qty: Price: $12.50

Drain Valve Kit TUV042 $56.50  

Drain Valve Kit
Qty: Price: $56.50

Picture Not Available Legs 04010001 $11.75  

Qty: Price: $11.75

Electrical Parts
Heating Element 01720007 $220.50  

Heating Element
Qty: Price: $220.50

Heating Element Attaching Hardware TUH015 $6.50  

Heating Element Attaching Hardware
Qty: Price: $6.50

Door Switch TUS014 $37.50  

Door Switch
Qty: Price: $37.50

Rubber Boot for Door Switch

Prevents moisture from entering switch

TUB072 $12.50  

Rubber Boot for Door Switch
Qty: Price: $12.50

Door Switch Activator  Ver 3

Used to adjust door switch activation in newer units

TUA066 $12.50  

Door Switch Activator
Qty: Price: $12.50

Water Pump 120VAC

Has Black plastic body

TUP089 $112.50  

Water Pump 120VAC
Qty: Price: $112.50

Water Pump 230VAC

Has Red plastic body

TUP090 $112.50  

Water Pump 230VAC
Qty: Price: $112.50

Water Pump Mounting Kit TUK091 $16.50  

Water Pump Mounting Kit
Qty: Price: $16.50

Water Level Switch TUS088 $94.50  

Water Level Switch
Qty: Price: $94.50

Water Fill Electrode TUE080 $74.50  

Water Fill Electrode
Qty: Price: $74.50

Solenoid Valve Assembly 3mm TUV081 $112.50  

Solenoid Valve 3mm
Qty: Price: $112.50

Plunger Valve Kit 3mm TUK082 $52.50  

Plunger Valve Kit 3mm
Qty: Price: $52.50

Magnetic Coil 3mm TUC083 $82.50  

Magnetic Coil 3mm
Qty: Price: $82.50

Circuit Breaker 15 Amp TUB023 $85.50  

Circuit Breaker 15 Amp
Qty: Price: $85.50

Circuit Breaker 10 Amp TUB024 $72.50  

Circuit Breaker 10 Amp
Qty: Price: $72.50

Circuit Breaker 15 Amp TUB047 $45.50  

Circuit Breaker 15 Amp
Qty: Price: $45.50

Fuse Holder RPH659 $20.50  

Fuse Holder
Qty: Price: $20.50

Clock Chip (with Battery) TUC107 $178.50  

Clock chip with Battery
Qty: Price: $178.50

Solid State Relay (Heater) TUR104 $98.50  

Solid State Relay for Heater
Qty: Price: $98.50

AC Inlet Receptacle RPR583 $10.50  

AC Inlet Receptacle
Qty: Price: $10.50

Power Cord 02819996 $48.50  

Power Cord
Qty: Price: $48.50

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