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Ciar is a manufacturer based in Pesaro, Italy that manufactures linear actuators (motors), power supplies, and cables for motion furniture.  They are are not well known in the USA furniture markets, but have a 30 year history as a leading designer and manufacturer of motion systems for the motion furniture industry

Listed below are  parts are for the basic "up/down" recline chairs without heat and/or massage functions.   Parts for chairs with heat and massage are readily available (at least for the newer model chairs), but there are so many variations that it would be impossible to list them all here. 

Shipping within the continental USA is included in the prices quoted.  We stock these parts in our warehouse for quick shipment.  If you have any questions on whether a particular part will fit your needs,  please let us know.  If you need something not listed, either call or E-Mail us.  Either way, we will need the chair manufacturer, serial #, detailed description of part needed, etc and we will do the research and get back with you promptly (you may have to look on the "law tag" sewn to the bottom of the footboard for the chair manufacturer, and on the frame behind the chair for the serial #).

Need help deciding where the problem is?  Then please click here for our troubleshooting guide, which shows common problems and their possible solutions.

Free Shipping in the Continental USA on All Lift Chair Parts (see Below)

Below we list the way we normally ship our parts; we don't have to spend the extra to ship the most critical parts by FedEx and Priority Mail (none of our competitors do...), we just feel that its the right thing to do... Most folks that need lift chair parts need them right now, not several days or weeks later.  We hope you take this in consideration when you decide where to buy the parts you need... However, if you need them even sooner, just give us a call and we can figure the shipping charges for Express Mail or FedEx Express; we only charge you what the delivery companies charge us - we aren't looking to charge outrageous shipping charges to people that are already in a bind and need some help...

A personal note to our parts customers:  I realize that for most of you, repairing lift chairs is not your primary occupation; many of you are attempting this for the first time.  I just want to assure you that the vast majority of the parts we list here can easily be installed by almost anyone (please keep in mind that the last statement was made by a service technician that made his living by doing service calls...)  I also want you to feel comfortable doing business with us and our company.  We invite you to click here to read about us and the way we try to do business.  You can also click here to read some of the testimonials that folks have sent in after they have completed their repairs.  If you have a question about our parts warranty or parts return policy, you can click here to go to our Guidelines page.  I invite you to take a look at the information on the links above,  and then you can make a decision if we are the kind of people that you want to do business with.

A note about ordering parts online:  We have had many customers who call in to the shop to place their parts orders.  When I ask why they called in to order, they normally say that they thought they would get it quicker if they called it in.  Actually, the opposite is true: When parts are ordered online through our shopping cart, we can download the order in our accounting system and get the parts shipped out quickly.  In fact, most online orders sent in by 10:00 CT will be shipped out the same day.  Orders that are called in have to be manually processed, and it normally takes an extra day to be input and shipped.  While we truly don't mind if you call in with questions, etc, please don't call in your order expecting to get it quicker that way.  One exception:  If you need the part overnight, and you are willing to pay the shipping expense for Express Mail or FedEx, you can all in (by 1:00pm CT) and most orders can be shipped out that day.

Ciar Component Parts


9200 Ciar LM25 Linear Actuator $280.00

See Ciar Note 1 Below for More Information

$178.50  with Free FedEx Ground or Priority Mail Shipping

Ciar LM25 Motor
Qty: Price: $178.50

9202 Ciar LM55 Linear Actuator ART # 500090791 $260.00

See Ciar Note 1 Below for More Information

$168.50  with Free FedEx Ground or Priority Mail Shipping

Ciar LM55 ART 500090791 Motor
Qty: Price: $168.50

9204 Ciar LM55 Linear Actuator ART # 500091251 $260.00

See Ciar Note 1 Below for More Information

$168.50  with Free FedEx Ground or Priority Mail Shipping

Ciar LM55 ART 500091251 Motor
Qty: Price: $168.50

9206 Ciar LM55 Linear Actuator ART # 500091360 $260.00

See Ciar Note 1 Below for More Information

$168.50  with Free FedEx Ground or Priority Mail Shipping

Ciar LM55 ART 500091360 Motor
Qty: Price: $168.50

9208 Ciar LM60 Linear Actuator ART # 4310500010 $280.00

See Ciar Note 1 Below for More Information

$178.50  with Free FedEx Ground or Priority Mail Shipping

Ciar LM60 ART 4310500010 Motor
Qty: Price: $178.50

9230 Ciar PS10 Transformer $150.00


$98.50  with Free Priority Mail Shipping

Ciar PS10 Transformer
Qty: Price: $98.50

9232 Ciar SU15 Single or Double Power Supply Transformer $185.00

See Ciar Note 2 Below for More Information

$164.50  with Free Priority Mail Shipping

Ciar SU15 Single or Double Transformer
Qty: Price: $164.50

JLDK Ciar Recessed Control With Round Housing for Power Recliners (w/ Telephone Style Plug) $88.00 See Ciar Note 3 Below for More Information $52.50 with Free Priority Mail Shipping

Ciar JLDK Recessed Control
Qty: Price: $52.50


Information Notes on Ciar Parts

Ciar Note 1:  These are brand new motors direct from the factory.  There should be a sticker on the side of your motor that has a nine or ten digit ART # ; please compare that number to the listing by the picture above, and if it matches, this is the motor you need.  PLEASE NOTE: when you receive any of these Ciar motors, it may look like they have been used, or installed already.  Please be assured that these are new motors; Ciar runs and tests nearly every motor it ships out, so there may be markings, grease, etc on the moving blocks, but this is just from the testing process... We have had several folks call in and question why it looks used - that is why it appears that way.

Ciar Note 2:  There used to be an SU 15 transformer for a single application and one for a double setup, but the SU15 single has been discontinued from the factory, so all that is left is the double hookup.  If you only have one section of a chair, sofa, etc that moves, just use one set of the connections.  This unit also replaces the Okin Refined JLDP single application.

Ciar Note 3:  We now have these recessed controls in stock. These are used on Berkline and other manufacturers power recliners and theater chairs.  As shown, they have a telephone type plug for the recessed control, and it plugs into our part # 9232 SU15 power supply.

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