Mobility Batteries

Battery problems are the #1 cause of service complaints for scooters and power wheelchairs. Lack of power, increased charging times and shorter run times nearly always are the result of bad batteries.

We have tried almost every brand and type battery in the industry. We found what we were looking for in the Universal Battery AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) sealed lead acid battery. See Battery FAQ for the reasons we chose these over gel batteries.

Universal Battery, based in Oklahoma and Texas, is the only brand and type of battery we use in our shop. They have been making maintenance-free batteries for mobility products for years, under their own name and also as private label batteries for several very well-known battery manufacturers. By contract, I can’t say what major battery names are really Universal Battery units but you would easily recognize the names. They have quality replacement batteries for most any model scooter or power wheelchair on the market. Check our Application Guide for your model scooter; if you don’t find it there, please e-mail or call 888-871-0312 or 615-273-3426.

Feel free to compare our prices with the competition. Our volume purchasing allows us to keep the price as low as possible. The low prices on our batteries also include free shipping (within the continental US) and a FULL 1 year warranty (not prorated).

UB12350 (U1) 12-Volt 34Ah Battery

UB12350 (U1) 12 Volt 34Ah Battery. List Price: $129 to $185 | Your Price: $87.50. Most common battery for scooters and small power chairs.

Price $ 87.50

UB12550 (22NF) 12-Volt 55Ah Battery

UB12550 (22NF) 12 Volt 55Ah Battery. List Price: $189 to $275 | Your Price: $152.50 Used in many smaller power wheelchairs

Price $ 152.50

UB12750 (24) 12-Volt 55Ah Battery

UB12750 (24) 12 Volt 75Ah Battery. List Price: $289 to $345 | Your Price: $224.50. Used in many larger power wheelchairs

Price $ 224.50