4210 Hubbell Four Prong Hand Control

4210 Hand Control for Hubbell MC-42 Replacement Motor – Four Prong

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#4210 Hubbell Hand Control – Four Prong.  Retail price: $89.00.

Hubbell Hand Control Four Prong
Qty: Price: $56.50

Note:  This hand control comes standard with a four prong connector, and the two outside prongs have a flat side so it can’t be plugged in wrong.  NOTE: The four prongs mentioned here refer to the CONNECTOR, NOT the number of WIRES; don’t just see three wires and assume you have a three wire connector… Most newer motors have a four prong connector, but only have three wires attached; you will need to unplug the connectors and count the number of prongs to be sure you order the correct control.  If you have an older model hand control with a three prong connector and the two outside prongs have a flat side, then order the three prong one below.  If it is even older, and it has any other type connector (four prong with flat pins, connector with orange terminals, or even a six prong square connector, etc.), then you can still use this hand control; you will need to “hard wire” it to the motor cord with crimp connectors; we have instructions on how to do this in the Hubbell section of our Troubleshooting Tips page.

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