4220 Hubbell Gear Set 25 Tooth

4220 Hubbell MC-42 Gear Set 25 Tooth

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#4220 Hubbell Gear Set 25 Tooth  Retail price: $135.00.

Hubbell Gear Set 25 Tooth
Qty: Price: $84.50

Note:  We now (finally) have the gear sets in stock for the Hubbell motors; we used to get them directly from the factory, but since it has now closed, we had find another source.  For anyone who has done tool and die or plastic fabrication work, you know that the molds for making the gears are very expensive, and two molds had to be made for each set, doubling the cost.  That extra expense is being passed on to us in each set of gears that is made; that is why the cost is so high (before you call and ask…).  IMPORTANT NOTE: As you can see above, there is more than one set of gears for Hubbell motors (even though most all Hubbell motors say MC-42); the way you tell the difference is in the number of teeth on the gears.  This part #4220 is mainly for lift chair motors; it has 55 teeth on the gear pictured on the left (the one that goes around the worm screw), and 25 teeth on the smaller inner gear on the one pictured on the right.  The other gear sets shown fit most other type Hubbell applications (beds, treadmills, dental chairs, etc); those sets have different numbers of teeth on the inner gear on the one pictured on the right.  It is VERY IMPORTANT that you check the number of teeth on your gears BEFORE you order a replacement set, because if you order the wrong set and try to install them on your motor, we can’t take them back.  For applications other than lift chairs, you may have to replace the gears, as that may be your only option to get the motor back running again; but for lift chair motors, you may want to weigh the cost of a set of gears against the price of a new motor with a six month warranty – the choice is entirely up to you.  We have installation instructions for the gear sets under the Hubbell section of our Troubleshooting Tips page on our website.

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