4230 Hubbell Gear Housing

4230 Hubbell Lift Chair Gear Housing

Price $ 188.50


4230 Hubbell Lift Chair Gear Housing  Retail price: $68.00.

4200 Hubbell Lift Chair Motor Assembly
Qty: Price: $188.50

Note:  Since Hubbell Special Products went bankrupt almost ten years ago, the gear housing is no longer available.  The best alternative is to replace the complete motor assembly.  This comes with the motor only, without the hand control, and fits pretty much any lift chair that has a Hubbell motor. As long as you have a lift chair with a four prong connector (the two outside prongs have a flat side so it can’t be plugged in wrong), and the hand control is in good shape, then this motor assembly is the one you need (you could always hard wire the old hand control to the new motor, but if the motor is bad, the hand control won’t be far behind, and cutting the plug off violates the warranty.).  If you have something other than a four prong connector, you should order our Hubbell Motor Set, which includes the hand control at a discounted price.  IMPORTANT NOTE:  This motor will ONLY FIT A LIFT CHAIR; please DON’T ORDER THIS to install in a bed, treadmill, dental chair, etc. as it WILL NOT FIT those applications – it doesn’t matter if it “sorta kinda” looks like yours, both the stroke length, the power rating of the motor, and the mounting system WILL NOT WORK ON ANYTHING BUT A LIFT CHAIR! 

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