4250 Hubbell Limit Switch

4250 Hubbell MC-42 Limit Switch

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Price $ 18.50


#4250 Hubbell Limit Switch.  Retail price: $38.00.

Hubbell Limit Switch
Qty: Price: $18.50

Note:  Before you order either the capacitor or limit switch, be sure to read over our Troubleshooting Tips section for the Hubbell systems; we hardly ever sell either of these parts, as they hardly ever go bad, so check carefully before you think this might be the problem.  These do go bad, but rarely…  NOTE: this switch is “normally closed”, so if you think this is the problem, do a continuity check on the switch.  You should get continuity on the two terminals when you put the leads on the terminals, and you should lose continuity when the little white button is pushed.

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