6210A Standard Hand Control With Straight Five Pin Plug

6210A Okin Standard Hand Control (Okin & Dewert Standard w/ Five-Pin Round Plug with Straight Connector)

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Price $ 46.50


6210A Okin Standard Hand Control With Straight Plug Retail  price: $79.00.

6210A Okin Standard Hand Control With Straight Plug
Qty: Price: $46.50


Note: This #6210A looks much like our part #6210, except that this 6210A has a plug that is straight with the cord, and the #6210 has an “L” shaped 90 degree plug.  Both have a one piece cord that “disappears” down through a hole in the chair and normally plugs in underneath the chair to a short cord off the motor.  Both have a round plug that has five pins in a semi-circle.  This 6210A plugs into a short female five pin female plug coming from the motor, and the motor cord has a small plastic lever that folds over the plugs to lock them into place.  This control was almost exclusively used by Catnapper.  If you have a Catnapper chair with a two button hand control like this, then turn the chair over on its side and find the end of the hand control cord where it plugs into the motor; if the plug is straight with the cord, and there is a plastic lever locking the plugs into place, then order this #6210A.  If you have a slightly newer chair that has an “L” shaped 90 degree connector, then order the #6210.

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