6211 Tranquil Ease Hand Control

6211 Tranquil Ease Hand Control

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6211 Tranquil Ease Hand Control Retail  price: $79.00.

Okin Replacement for Tranquil Ease Hand Control
Qty: Price: $46.50

Note:  PLEASE READ THIS NOTE VERY CAREFULLY, AS THIS CHANGE FROM PRIDE HAS CAUSED A GREAT DEAL OF CONFUSION.  This hand control was manufactured by Tranquil Ease, and is sometimes used with chairs that have an Okin or equivalent system.  This control has been discontinued from the manufacturer, and is no longer available.  We replace this control with our part #6210 hand control.  It has two buttons for up & down, but does not have the lock/unlock button.  PLEASE NOTE: There were two versions of this hand control:  one has the one piece cord with the round plug with five pins; the #6210 will be an exact replacement for that version.  The other version has a six pin rectangular connector that plugs into a control box under the chair, and then there is a cord that comes out of that control box to go to the motor.  In that case, all you need to do is to eliminate the control box, and plug the new hand control directly to the cord from the motor (the new hand control does not require the control box to operate).

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