6212 Quick Disconnect Hand Control

6212 Hand Control (Okin & Dewert Standard w/ Five-Pin Round Plug with Quick Disconnect Connector)

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Retail price: 89.00
6212 Hand Control (Okin & Dewert Standard w/ Five Pin Round Plug with 90 Degree Connector).
Cord “disappears” down through chair and plugs directly in underneath.

Qty: Price: $52.50

Note: The #6210 and this #6212 hand controls are the most common Okin hand controls in use today.  The #6210 has a one piece cord that “disappears” down through a hole in the chair and normally plugs in underneath the chair to a short cord off the motor.  It has a round plug with a 90 degree angle that has five pins in a semi-circle.  This #6212 has a quick disconnect plug that normally unplugs in the side or magazine pocket of the chair.  It has a straight plug with five pins in a semi-circle, and it plugs into another cord that is already in the side pocket of the chair; most have a small plastic lever that folds over the plugs to lock them into place.  If you have a chair with an Okin system and it has a hand control like the one pictured, either one of these will work, as they are both wired the same.  The way to tell which one you need is to just follow the cord from the part you hold in your hand down past the coiled part, and see if there is a straight plug a few inches from the coiled part (#6212), or does the cord disappear down through a hole in the chair (#6210).  The #6212 is the newer design, and was developed as a way to easily change the hand control without having to turn the chair over.  Another selling feature is that if you have grandchildren over and they like playing on the chair, then you can easily unplug the control so they won’t play with it (of course, it’s OK with us if you let them play with the chair – grandkids are great for our business…)

ANOTHER NOTE: Oftentimes (but not always) we send this part out with the extension cord attached that goes from the side pocket on down to the motor; we get them in that way, so sometimes the warehouse will ship them out that way.  Then we get calls that we “shipped the wrong part” because they are looking at the 90 degree “L” plug on the end of the extension cable.  If you feel that you got the wrong part, just undo the wire ties and lie the cord out flat.  Then look down the cord, past the handle, past the curly cord, and look for a “bulge” in the cord; that is where the hand control plugs into the extension cable.  There will be a plastic lever that holds the 2 plugs in place; just flip that over and unplug the 2 plugs.  If you don’t need the extension cable, then just put it in a drawer in case you need it later if the cable gets damaged, etc.

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