6219 InSeat Model 11620 Lift Chair Hand Control

6219 InSeat Model 11620 Lift Chair Hand Control

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6219 InSeat Model 11620 Lift Chair Hand Control Retail  price: $142.00.

6219 InSeat Model 11620 Lift Chair Hand Control
Qty: Price: $88.50

This hand control was very common in La Z Boy lift chairs with the heat function made in the past decade or so.  It has a white thumb switch for up & down, and three buttons below that for the heat functions.  PLEASE NOTE that La Z Boy used many different hand controls that look very close to this model; the others will plug in, but they won’t make the chair work… For this one to work, it MUST have the numbers 11620-07 on the back of the control.  If the silver sticker is worn off your control, then look closely at the labeling above the three buttons; your control must have “Back”, “Seat”, “Pad”, and “Heat” on the faceplate in that specific order, or this control will not work for you.  Also, if your control has a LZB Part # that starts with “75000…” this is not the correct control; it MUST have that 11620 number on the back, or the buttons must be labeled as above.  If it doesn’t have that, you are wasting your time ordering this one (why La Z Boy would make that many controls that look that closely the same but won’t interchange is beyond me, but then again, no one asked me…).  Sorry to add so much emphasis above, but this is by far the most returned part that we sell; Why, you ask:  Because despite our warnings, some customers will order it anyway, thinking it “sorta, kinda” looks like the one that they have… Any questions, please let us know.

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