6252 Okin Metal Connector

6252 Okin Metal Connector On End of Lift Tube

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6252 Okin Metal Connector  price: $48.00.

6252 Okin Metal Connector
Qty: Price: $28.50

Note:  There are the connectors on the end of the stroke tube; a clevis pin goes through this piece and the chair lift mechanism to hold that end of the motor on the chair.  The metal connector (#6252) and the plastic connector (#6250) are interchangeable; most older Deltadrive motors used the plastic connector, but if you order a new Deltadrive motor, it will come with the metal connector.  The plastic one is not all bad, however, if the person using the chair has a tendency to hit the wall with the back of the chair, then not knowing it is against the wall, keep holding down the hand control.  “Something has to give” in that situation, and sometimes the plastic connector will break, saving something worse happening…  It’s not designed to break, but sometimes it just works out that way.   NOTE: This Okin connector has reverse, or “left hand” threads; you turn it clockwise to loosen it and counter clockwise to tighten it.  Another note: This part will only work on an Okin motor; IT WILL NOT WORK on either a Limoss (use part #7252 for Limoss) or an FBS motor!!

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