8200 Dewert Megamat MB1 Lift Motor Assembly

8200 Dewert Megamat MB1 Lift Motor Assembly

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8200 Dewert Megamat MB1 Lift Motor Assembly  price: $312.00.

Note:  This is like the MB1 set above, but it is the motor only.  The Dewert Megamat Plus MB1 motor was the most common system used in Pride lift chairs in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s.  The transformer is attached to the actuator assembly with a wire tie and a Phillips screw.  The only other electrical part is the hand control (usually, our part # 8210.  In the early 2000’s, Pride replaced this system with their new MBZ set with a separate transformer that sits behind the chair, and a Y connector cable that goes from the transformer under the chair to the motor and hand control.  If you have a problem with this MB1 set, you first have to determine whether the problem is with the transformer or the motor assy.  If the transformer is the problem, you can replace the transformer with our Dewert transformer kit (the 8230 external transformer is not available any longer; if the motor assy. is the problem, you can simply install our part #8205 MBZ motor, and take the transformer off your old motor and install it on the new motor.


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