8213 Pride New Style Hand Control (Lighted Control with Lockout)

8213 Pride New Style Hand Control (Lighted Control with Lockout)

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8213 Pride New Style Hand Control (Lighted Control with Lockout) Retail  price: $128.00.

Okin Hand Control With Quick Disconnect and Extension Cable Replacement for Pride New Style Hand Control
Qty: Price: $52.50

Note 13:  PLEASE READ THIS NOTE VERY CAREFULLY, AS THIS CHANGE FROM PRIDE HAS CAUSED A GREAT DEAL OF CONFUSION.  The control pictured here is one of the newest style hand control from Pride; it is a grey control, with push buttons for up & down, plus a lock button.  It attaches to a control box , which then attaches to an Okin transformer and an Okin Deltadrive motor.  However, Pride has had many production problems with this setup; it seems either the hand control was failing, or more often, the control box it plugged into went bad.  They tried several different solutions, but finally settled on using a standard Okin quick disconnect control (our part #6212) and eliminating the control boxWhat you need to do is to completely remove the control box from the chair… First, find the control box; usually, it is mounted behind the chair, or underneath the chair toward the rear.  If you don’t see it, just follow either the wire from the hand control, or the wire coming from the transformer; both plug into wires off the control box.  Unplug all the wires coming from that box and remove the box from the chair.  Then, you take the cord coming from the transformer toward the chair, and plug it in to a short two prong cord off the actuator that nothing is currently plugged into.  Then, you plug the new hand control cord to the other cord coming out of the motor.  Everything then is plugged directly to the motor (which is how all the other major chair manufacturers wire their chairs).  With this new configuration, the hand control isn’t lighted, but it is a much simpler setup with much less to go wrong with it.  Please understand that you won’t be getting the grey hand control that is pictured, but if you get the #6212 that we send you, and you follow the instructions above (we will include detailed instructions with the part when you order it), this should take care of the problem.

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