8230 Dewert MBZ Ultra 5 Pin Transformer REPLACEMENT KIT

8230 Dewert MBZ Ultra 5 Pin Transformer REPLACEMENT KIT

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Price $ 172.50


8230 Dewert MBZ Ultra 5 Pin Transformer Replacement Kit  Retail  price: $242.00.

8230 Dewert MBZ Ultra 5 Pin Transformer Replacement Kit
Qty: Price: $172.50

Note:  PLEASE READ THIS NOTE VERY CAREFULLY, AS THIS CHANGE FROM PRIDE HAS CAUSED A GREAT DEAL OF CONFUSION.  The Dewert 5 Pin transformer/control box is not available any longer, but we have developed a parts kit that will replace this part.  The first thing I need to mention is that the original part is a transformer and control box together; the transformer reduces the voltage required, and the control box section tells the motor which way to run when the hand control is pushed.  Since this is not available together any longer, we have to use a separate transformer and a separate control box.  We will send detailed instructions on how to install this on the chair (it’s really not very hard to do…), but the “Readers Digest” version is that you will get a new transformer that sits behind the chair, a cord that goes from this transformer to a new control box that you mount under the chair close to the motor, and then all the cords that you will need to hook everything up.  You will hook these new parts up to the hand control and the motor you have now.  Please, don’t let this make you concerned that you can’t install this; there is no wiring involved; as the kids say, it’s just “plug and play”.  As I said earlier, we will send step by step instructions on how everything goes together.  If, after you get the parts and the instructions, and look under the chair to see where they go, and you still have questions, just give us a call here at the shop, and we will talk you through the installation.

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