8240 Dewert/FBS Clevis Mount

8240 Dewert/FBS Clevis Mount

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8240 Dewert/FBS Clevis Mount  price: $84.00.

8240 Dewert FBS Clevis Mount
Qty: Price: $48.50


Note:  The #8240 clevis mount fastens the base of the MBZ and MB1 Dewert motors to the frame of the chair; it is held on to the motor with four screws.  It will also work with the newer FBS motors that have the clevis mount system.  If the screws have not been pulled out of the motor, then replacing the clevis mount is usually all that is needed; if the screws have been pulled out or broken off in the motor so that you can’t remove them, then you may need to replace the complete #8205 motor.  If the head of the screw is broken off but the motor housing isn’t damaged, you can replace the screw with a #10 wood screw that you can get at any hardware store (the #10 wood screw is the closest thing that we have in the USA to that West German screw).  NOTE: the #8240 will only work with Dewert MB1, MBZ, etc. and FBS motors that fasten on with four screws; Dewert MC1, MCZ, etc. motors that have a clevis mount that screws on isn’t available; the complete motor will have to be replaced.

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