Berkline Smartbox Control Box Under Older Style Berkline Chairs

Berkline Smartbox Control Box Under Older Style Berkline Chairs

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Berkline Kit


Berkline Smartbox Control Box Under Older Style Berkline Chairs Retail  price: $168.00.

Berkline Conversion Kit
Qty: Price: $133.50

Note:  Before they changed to the newer style Okin five pin connectors, Berkline used a “Smartbox” system made by Raffel Products… This consisted of a hand control with a 9 pin computer type connector that plugged into a “Smartbox” control box system.  A power cord from a six pin transformer powered the box, and the box then had a lead that went to power the motor through what was normally the motor’s hand control receptacle.  This system has been discontinued, but we have a kit that basically “wires around” and eliminates the need for the Smartbox… It involves a new transformer that plugs into the wall, then a power cord that goes from the transformer up under the chair and plugs into a short power cord coming off the motor that nothing is presently plugged into.  Then, a new hand control plugs into the side of the motor housing where the cord coming from the Smartbox was plugged into.  Essentially, the new transformer gives the motor power, and the new hand control determines the direction… This is the way most all the other manufacturers wired their chairs, but Berkline for some reason chose to do it the other way.  Installation is very straightforward, and we send more detailed instructions out with the kit when we ship it, but if you have any problems installing the kit, please call or email and we will be glad to assist.

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