D2CMM Rocker Switch

D2CMM Three Terminal Switch (Rocker)

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Retail Price: $48.00
# D2CMM Three Terminal Switch (Paddle)

Switch (Rocker)
Qty: Price: $32.50

Note:  This is a rocker switch, as opposed to the paddle switches shown our website, and hasn’t been used in lift chairs for several years now.  It comes with three terminals that are designed for solder connections; some manufacturers use this switch with push on connectors, and with a little ingenuity you could make that work (although if you have a solder gun, it would be very easy to just cut the connectors off and solder the wires to the terminals).  As far as I know, this is the only rocker switch available for any model of lift chair.  If you have a question as to whether this one will work, you can always order the complete hand control we show on the Hubbell page on our website and “hard wire” the plug to your motor.  Please also remember that if a switch is installed, even for a few seconds, we can’t take it back, as as the switch terminals will have been scratched up; it has been “used”, and no one wants to buy a used part…

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