Dewert Megamat MBZ Lift System

Dewert Megamat MBZ Lift System

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Price $ 228.50
Dewert MBZ Lift System


okin deltadrive motor setDewert Megamat MBZ Lift System  price: $428.00.

Okin DeltaDrive Lift System Complete
Qty: Price: $228.50

Note:  PLEASE READ THIS NOTE VERY CAREFULLY, AS THIS CHANGE FROM DEWERT HAS CAUSED A GREAT DEAL OF CONFUSION.  Since the Dewert 5 pin transformer/control box has been discontinued from the manufacturer, we can’t sell the complete Dewert systems any longer.  We replace this Dewert system with the Okin DeltaDrive Lift System.  The Dewert and Okin actuators have the same stroke length and mount under the chair the same way; it’s just that the way the motors are controlled by different types of electrical systems.  Another good point: the Okin system is $130.00 less expensive than what the Dewert motor set used to sell for.  If you want to know what the parts look like that you will get, then just look at the picture to the right above, or click here and it will take you to more detailed information on the Okin DeltaDrive Lift System.  It is all what the kids call “plug and play”, and there isn’t any way to really hook it up incorrectly, but if, after you get the parts and the instructions, and look under the chair to see where they go, and you still have questions, just give us a call here at the shop, and we will talk you through the installation.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  We offer complete motor systems at a discount to customers that have old systems that they just want to replace everything on so they won’t have future problems, or that just don’t want to go through all the troubleshooting needed to diagnose the problem.  But we have recently had several folks that ordered the complete lift systems, then call us a few days later and want to return the parts in the kits that “were not needed…”.  That may work in a ladies dress shop, where you buy four dresses, take them home to try on, and keep one and return the other three… They can do that, I guess, because they have such a high markup that they can absorb that expense, but we don’t have that luxury…  If you want to return a partial order, we will charge a 25% restocking fee on the full single item price of all parts returned, as well as our total cost to ship the original order to you.

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