JLDP Okin Refined/CIAR Power Supply for Theater Chairs

JLDP Okin Refined/CIAR Power Supply for Theater Chairs

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JLDP Okin Refined/CIAR Power Supply for Theater Chairs Retail  price: $185.00.

CIAR SU15 Power Supply Replacement for JLDP
Qty: Price: $164.50

Note:  PLEASE READ THIS NOTE VERY CAREFULLY, AS THIS CHANGE FROM OKIN HAS CAUSED A GREAT DEAL OF CONFUSION.  The JLDP transformer has been discontinued by the factory and is no longer available.  We have a replacement transformer that will make the power furniture you have still operate.  However, the part you receive will be a “double” transformer, designed to make both ends of a double sofa, for example, work with one transformer.  This is the ONLY part available with the sockets you need that will take the plugs from your recessed control and motor; you just use one of the sets of holes and leave the other set empty.  Note also: this unit is considerably larger than the one that you are using now.  For units that sit behind the chair, there will be no problem; for units that sit under the chair, you will have to sit this new unit either behind or beside the chair (the cables on the chair should have enough slack to let you do that).

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