Okin DeltaDrive Lift System

Okin DeltaDrive Lift System Complete with Transformer and Hand Control

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Price $ 228.50
Okin DeltaDrive Lift System


okin deltadrive motor setOkin DeltaDrive Lift System Complete  price: $428.00.

Okin DeltaDrive Lift System Complete
Qty: Price: $228.50

Note:  The Deltadrive set is the most common Okin electrical setup used in lift chairs today.  Purchasing this set is a good choice if you don’t know – or want to know – what the problem with your chair is, you just want it fixed the first time. Or you may just want to update your chair to the latest electronics and head off any problems.  Either way, if you presently have the Deltadrive motor on your chair, this set should solve the problem.

Another Note:  This kit is offered so that you can replace all the electrical parts on your lift chair.  However, we have recently had several folks that ordered the complete lift systems, then call us a few days later and want to return the parts in the kits that “were not needed…”.  We also have had more and more folks that want to order every part that might be the problem, and then they will swap the parts out until they find out what’s wrong and then return the rest.  As mentioned above, that may work in a ladies dress shop, where you buy four dresses, take them home to try on, and keep one and return the other three… They can do that, I guess, because they have such a high markup that they can absorb that expense, but we don’t have that luxury…  If you want to return a partial order, we will charge a 25% restocking fee on the full single item price of all parts returned, as well as our cost to ship the original order to you.

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