STP-S SuperPole With SuperTrapeze

STP-S SuperPole With SuperTrapeze

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SuperPole with SuperTrapeze

Need extra help when sitting up in bed or getting into or out of bed?

SuperTrapeze provides help for sitting and positioning support in bed.  Sitting up in bed is easier with this unique trapeze handle.  Two separate rails, arranged similar to rungs of a ladder, enable arm strength to be better used to “climb up” to a seated position.  The handle is easily stored out of the way when not in use. 

SuperPole with SuperTrapeze


Effective – includes the innovative e2 trapeze handle with a “ladder-like” set of two rails that allows the user to more easily climb up to a sitting position.
Ease of Use – the combination of a trapeze + bedside pole – the only product to provide COMPLETE support for sitting up, pivoting, and standing up from bed.
Versatile – Does not require special bed or mounting brackets – works with any bed! Does not force bed outward from wall as with conventional trapeze systems. Will install beside waterbeds and electric beds unlike floor mounted trapeze systems.
Flexible – support arm is adjustable in height and angle. Strap is adjustable in length to achieve best height and location of trapeze.
Ease of Use – open design of trapeze handle allows it to be hooked onto pole for storage.

Support Arm – steel – 17″ / 170 cm arm length.
Support Arm Height Range – 12-22″ / 30-55 cm from ceiling. Fixed to the pole with 3 penetrating set screws.
Trapeze Handle – steel – 0.88″ / 22 cm dia., overall size 12X12″ / 30X30 cm.
Trapeze Handle – height range 42-70″ / 106-178 cm from ceiling.

MODEL NUMBER for SuperPole Trapeze Plus

STP-S SuperPole with SuperTrapeze Std. Ht. (ceiling height range 93-99″).
STP-AK *SuperTrapeze Add-On-Kit Only.
STP-HS **e2 Trapeze Handle with Strap and Hook.

*Strictly for use with SuperPole, or injury may occur.

**For upgrade of conventional chain/trapeze
systems – call to review connection details.


Note: The SuperPole System should only be installed between floors and ceilings of solid construction or injury may result. The SuperPole system should not be installed on loose floor coverings, in rooms with radiant ceiling heating, in mobile homes, or in suspended or angled ceilings. Recommended weight limits are 250 lbs / 114 kg for all models; no more than 150 lbs / 70 kg should be exerted on trapeze system (for repositioning and sitting up assistance only).

The complete SuperTrapeze
Plus system showing top ceiling
anchor and base disc.

SuperPole with SuperTrapeze is easy to install and easy to relocate – no drilling, no screws.  The pole has rubber pads that ensure no marring of the ceiling or the floor (particularly of interest to apartment renters!). The recommended weight limit to be supported is 160 lb.

For more information on the SuperPole click here.

Note: If you already have a SuperPole you can order a SuperTrapeze add-on kit below.

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SuperPole w/ Trapeze:

Note: Please measure and assess your need carefully. Once assembled or installed, there will be a 25% restocking fee if returned.

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SuperPole with SuperTrapeze
Qty: Price: $262.50


Uni-Fit Height Extender
The Uni-Fit extends the height of a standard SuperPole to fit any ceiling height from 101 – 121 inches.  The Uni-Fit is a separate piece that slides over the top end of the SuperPole and has pre-drilled holes to adjust the height properly.

Note: Please measure and assess your need carefully. Once assembled or installed, there will be a 20% restocking fee if returned.

SuperPole Height Extender
Qty: Price: $69.50


Ceiling Plate Extender
The Ceiling Plate Extender allows standard ceiling plate (20” length) to span 30” with holes for ceiling attachment to 24” ceiling beam centers.  The Uni-Fit is a separate piece that slides over the top end of the SuperPole and has pre-drilled holes.

Note: Please measure and assess your need carefully.  Returns will not be accepted once assembled or installed.

SuperPole Ceiling Plate Extender
Qty: Price: $79.50


SuperTrapeze Add-On Kit
The SuperTrapeze Add-On Kit is for users who already have a SuperPole, perhaps with a SuperBar or SuperTray installed, and want to add a SuperTrapeze for extra convenience (Note: SuperTray and SuperBar may not be mounted at the same height on the SuperPole.  Also, SuperTrapeze Add-On is strictly for use with a HealthCraft SuperPole, or injury may result).

SuperTrapeze Add-On Kit
Qty: Price: $121.50


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