UB12750 (24) 12-Volt 55Ah Battery

UB12750 (24) 12 Volt 75Ah Battery.
List Price: $289 to $345 | Your Price: $224.50.
Used in many larger power wheelchairs

Price $ 224.50
UB12750 (24)


UB12750 (24) Battery
Qty: Price: $224.50


* Used in many larger power wheelchairs
* Sealed, maintenance free, can be mounted in nearly any position
* Utilizes Value Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) technology
* DOT/FAA/IATA Standard approved for use in all airlines and public transportation
* Size: 10.87″L X 6.75″W X 9.87″H

PLEASE NOTEPlease measure one of your batteries, and compare those measurements against the size listing on each of our ads, before you order, instead of just “guessing” or picking your scooter or power wheelchair off a list or application chart (even ours…).  The application charts are for a generic model scooter or power chair; if you have certain accessories, or a deluxe model of that same model, it very well may use a larger size battery that the one listed. This is NOT one of those times where you order based on a “warm feeling”, as ordering the wrong size battery can be very expensive.  Our sources charge a flat 25% restocking fee to return batteries, and you will have to pay for the return shipping (which due to their weight can be very expensive…).  In most cases, you will be better off to try to sell the batteries to someone else in your area than to try to ship them back.Don’t get us wrong – we are happy to sell you replacement batteries.  It’s just that customers in the past have become very upset at us when they ordered the wrong ones, and we tell them what it will take to return the wrong ones.  It has happened often enough that we have discussed not selling batteries in the future, but for now, we will be glad to take your order – just PLEASE take the extra time and effort to triple check that you are ordering the correct size.

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