Bed Motor Rebuild

Patient Bed Motor Rebuild Rebuilding

After hand controls and control boxes, motors are the most problem-prone part on a patient bed. We can get you a new motor if you really need it but if you can wait a few more days, we’ll rebuild your motor for significantly less.

Simply ship the unit to us using our shipping address (found on the bottom of each page), and we’ll complete the rebuild and ship it back to you. Most rebuilds take ten to fourteen days after receipt. If there is a delay, we’ll keep you informed via e-mail or phone.

Please include a detailed note in the box letting us know what’s wrong, along with your name, address, and phone number. We’ll contact you when the repairs are completed to let you know the total charges including shipping.

If, for some reason, your motor can’t be repaired, we will only charge what our repair sources charge us to check it (if any), and the shipping charges.

All our rebuilds carry a 90 day warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

Description Retail Repair Price Your Price
ADEL $286.50  192.50
AMEDCO $246.50  186.50
BORNING $246.50  186.50
CARROM $246.50  186.50
HILL-ROM $312.50  196.50
HARD $246.50  186.50
INVACARE $286.50  192.50
HUBBELL $246.50  186.50
JOERNS $246.50  186.50
SMITH & DAVIS $246.50  186.50
SCI-O-TECH $246.50  186.50
SIMMONS $246.50  186.50
STRYKER $342.50  212.50
THILL $286.50  192.50
VON WIESE $246.50  186.50