How do I care for maintenance free batteries?

Pretty much. I would check the terminal connections every so often, especially if run time seems to be diminishing. Loose connections can add resistance to the charge input and result in low charge. Also, check the battery temperature by feeling the battery sides. They should be slightly warm while charging; if they are hot to the touch, stop charging and have them checked. Also, look for bulging in the batteries, where the case swells severely. A certain amount of bulging is OK, especially in larger batteries, but severe bulges signify a blocked valve and they should be immediately taken out of service.

Don’t baby new AGM batteries when it comes to initial use. AGM batteries come to you at nearly 100% capacity, and require no preconditioning. (Gel battery manufacturers suggest an initial conditioning time of the first 5-10 cycles before the battery is deeply discharged but Universal Battery AGM batteries do not require that type of special care.)

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