Should I charge my scooter every time I use it?

Won’t that wear it out quicker if I charge my scooter every time I use it?

This probably is the biggest misconception out there among scooter users. Many people believe the battery needs to be completely dead before it should be charged. Others think it will wear out the batteries to charge them over and over. Let’s look at this by using one of the battery industry terms, DOD (depth of discharge). This means the amount of power discharged from the battery before it is charged again. Batteries should be able to perform about 800 cycles at 60% DOD. However, if the depth of discharge is only 30%, the number of cycles would more than double to an estimated 1,800 cycles.

Simply put, if you charge the batteries before they get down so low, they will last much longer than if you wait until they get low or if you let them sit for days without recharging. Here in our shop, if a customer says their batteries only lasted a year or 18 months, we start asking questions and in nearly every instance, they were not charging the scooter for days or weeks at a time. They didn’t use it that often, and they didn’t think of charging it between times.

One of our customers uses her scooter 6-7 hours a day during work, then loads it up and uses it at home. She charges it every night. Even with all this use, she is going on her fifth year with the last set of batteries we sold her. The more you use them and the more you recharge them, the better it is for the batteries and the longer they will last

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