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Below we have listed the most common, easily replaced parts for each model; Unlike our fellow parts sellers, we have available almost all parts, from the most obscure washer and packing nut, for the major manufacturers.  If you need something not listed, either call or E-Mail us.   We will need the manufacturer, serial #, detailed description of part needed, etc and we will do the research and get back with you promptly.

Shipping is included in the prices quoted!!

(Please remember this when you compare us to our competition)


Part Description

Part # Your Price Ordering
General Maintenance Parts
Picture Not Available

Seal Assembly Complete With Plate

01-106898S $228.50  

Seal Assembly With Plate
Qty: Price: $228.50

Picture Not Available

Seal Kit (Exhaust & Pressure)

01-101543S $178.50  

Seal Kit
Qty: Price: $178.50

Liquid Soap (Pack of 4)

Lubricate Cassette Seal Once a Week

RPS287 $9.50  

Liquid Soap 4 Pack
Qty: Price: $9.50

Picture Not Available Drawer 01-101562S $320.50  

Qty: Price: $320.50

Picture Not Available Basket 01-103636S $138.50  

Qty: Price: $138.50

Frame, Cover & Mechanical Parts
Picture Not Available Cover 01-101558S $354.50  

Qty: Price: $354.50

Picture Not Available Reservoir Assembly 01-101542S $82.50  

Qty: Price: $82.50

Picture Not Available Reservoir Cap 01-103559S $9.50  

Reservoir Cap
Qty: Price: $9.50

Picture Not Available Keypad (Top Overlay, North America) 01-103527S $148.50  

Qty: Price: $148.50

Leveler Leg RPF362 $3.25  

Leveler Leg
Qty: Price: $3.25

Pressure Relief Valve SCV027 $84.50  

Pressure Relief Valve
Qty: Price: $84.50

Condenser Waste Bottle Kit SCK016 $115.00  

Condenser Waste Bottle Kit
Qty: Price: $115.00

Waste Bottle With Lid SCB018 $55.75  

Waste Bottle With Lid
Qty: Price: $55.75

Condensation Coil SCC019 $45.25  

Condensation Coil
Qty: Price: $45.25

Exhaust Tubing Kit SCK017 $33.70  

Exhaust Tubing
Qty: Price: $33.70

Push-In Elbow Fitting

Swivels to Prevent Hose Kinking

RPF363 $24.95  

Push-In Elbow Fitting
Qty: Price: $24.95

Electrical Parts
Picture Not Available Solenoid Valve Complete 01-101550S $220.50  

Solenoid Valve Complete
Qty: Price: $220.50

Solenoid Repair Kit SCK003 $75.35  

Solenoid Repair Kit
Qty: Price: $75.35

Solenoid Coil SCC005 $84.85  

Solenoid Coil
Qty: Price: $84.85

Spanner Nut

Use to Remove Solenoid Plunger

RPT364 $26.25  

Spanner Nut
Qty: Price: $26.25

Picture Not Available Microswitch 01-101552S $38.50

Qty: Price: $38.50

Picture Not Available Motor 01-101545S $258.50

Qty: Price: $258.50

Double Thermal Fuse Assembly SCF006 $34.50  

Thermal Fuse Assembly
Qty: Price: $34.50

Picture Not Available Pump 01-102038S $198.50

Qty: Price: $198.50

Picture Not Available Water Quality Sensor 01-103571S $22.35

Water Quality Sensor
Qty: Price: $22.35

Power Switch SCS023 $9.50  

Power Switch
Qty: Price: $9.50

Power Cord With Right Angle Plug RPC291 $18.25  

Power Cord With Right Angle Plug
Qty: Price: $18.25

Packaging Carton
Picture Not Available Shipping Box Complete With Inserts

Use to Ship Sterilizer In For Service

01-106052S $69.50  

Shipping Box
Qty: Price: $69.50

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