Sterilizer Parts

With our technical assistance and repair parts, you can repair most sterilizer problems yourself.

There are literally thousands of table top sterilizers in use every day in the medical community. With that much use, the typical sterilizer, no matter the brand or model, will occasionally have service problems.

There’s usually no need to call a technician to repair a table top sterilizer; the parts/repairs listed below can easily be completed by almost anyone. Buy your parts and supplies here, at prices greatly below what manufacturers and local service shops charge, and you can quickly do it yourself without the cost or having to wait for the service tech.

See parts below for the the most common sterilizer manufacturers and the most common, easily replaced parts for each model. If you’re not sure whether a part will fit your needs or you need something not listed, please call us at 888-871-0312 or 615-273-3426. Tell us the manufacturer, serial number and description of part needed, and we’ll research and reply to you promptly.

We understand how expensive it is to have equipment repaired or replaced, and how long it can take. We’re here to answer any technical questions you may have, and will be glad to help if you run into trouble

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