Pelton & Crane

Below we have listed the most common, easily replaced parts for each model; we have almost all parts available for the major manufacturers. If you need something not listed, either call or email us.   We will need the manufacturer, serial #, detailed description of part needed, etc. and we will do the research and get back with you promptly.

 Shipping is included in the prices quoted for all parts

 (Please compare that to our competition)

 If you have any questions on whether a particular part will fit your needs,  please let us know.  We are here to help you get the equipment you need to keep your equipment running properly.  We stock most of these parts in our warehouse for quick shipment.

Click on the model name to view an illustrated parts list for each model

To aid in identification, the number in parentheses after each model name is the first part of the serial #.

OCM (A3)
3 Screws on Side
Serial Number starts with A3
8″ Chamber

OCR (A4)

4 Screws on Side
Serial Number starts with A4
10″ Chamber