Delta 10

Below we have listed the most common, easily replaced parts for each model; If you need something not listed, either call or E-Mail us.   We will need the manufacturer, serial #, detailed description of part needed, etc and we will do the research and get back with you promptly.

Shipping is included in the prices quoted!!

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Part Description

Part #


General Maintenance Parts
Door Gasket 11.312" OD PCG066 $62.50 

Door Gasket

Qty: Price: $62.50

Door SpacerPCS067 $17.50 

Door Spacer

Qty: Price: $17.50

Insulation PadPCP201 $24.50 

Insulation Pad

Qty: Price: $24.50

Sterilizer PM Kit Includes Gasket, Door
Spacer, O Ring,  Fill Filter, Reservoir Filter
PCK223 $86.50 

Sterilizer PM Kit

Qty: Price: $86.50

Pel-Clean Concentrated Cleaner (16 oz Bottle) for All Pelton-Crane AutoclavesPCC249 $28.50 


Qty: Price: $28.50

Pel-Clean Concentrated Cleaner (Case of 12 Bottles) for All Pelton-Crane AutoclavesPCC250 $218.50 


Qty: Price: $218.50

Filter & Tube Kit Fill Filter & Filter TubePCK225 $29.50

Filter and Tube Kit

Qty: Price: $29.50

Fill Filter OnlyPCF009 $18.50

Fill Filter

Qty: Price: $18.50

Reservoir Filter KitPCK167 $20.50

Reservoir Filter Kit

Qty: Price: $20.50

Trays & Tray Supports
Small Instrument Tray 6 1/2" X 17"X 1"PCT142 $125.50 

Small Instrument Tray

Qty: Price: $125.50

Large Instrument Tray 8" X 17" X 1"PCT143 $168.50 

Large Instrument Tray

Qty: Price: $168.50

Tray Rest & Support Assembly 6" X 17"PCR189 $88.50 

Tray Rest and Support Assembly

Qty: Price: $88.50

Frame, Cover & Hardware Parts
Black Casing Screw 12 per PackagePCS170 $18.50 

Casing Screw

Qty: Price: $18.50

Speed Nut 10-24 Thread - Fits: Casing Screw 10 per PackagePCN136 $18.50 

Speed Nut

Qty: Price: $18.50

Front Leveling Foot(Includes 2 Sets of Parts Shown)PCF180 $17.50 

Foot Kit

Qty: Price: $17.50

Foot Kit (Includes 2 Sets of Parts Shown)PCF179 $16.50 

Foot Kit

Qty: Price: $16.50

Condenser Tube with Compression FittingPCC176$68.50 

Condenser Tube

Qty: Price: $68.50

Drain Tube Assembly (Large)RPK431$46.50 

Drain Tube Assembly Large

Qty: Price: $46.50

Male Quick Connect Drain Fitting (Grey)RPF429$15.50 

Male Quick Connect Drain Fitting Grey

Qty: Price: $15.50

Female Quick Connect Drain Fitting (Grey)RPF426$38.50 

Female Quick Connect Drain Fitting Grey

Qty: Price: $38.50

Coupling Vent/Condenser KitPCK171$52.50 

Coupling Vent Condenser Kit

Qty: Price: $52.50

Pressure Relief Valve Cracking Pressure: 38 PSIAMV097$56.50 

Pressure Relief Valve

Qty: Price: $56.50

Heater Band Holds Heaters in PlacePCB122 $22.50 

Heater Band

Qty: Price: $22.50

Chamber InsulationRPI269 $46.50 

Chamber Insulation

Qty: Price: $46.50

Electrical Parts
Overheat ThermostatPCT192$47.50 

Overheat Thermostat

Qty: Price: $47.50

Power Cord Without ConnectorsPCC004 $22.50 

Power Cord Without Connectors

Qty: Price: $22.50

Solenoid Parts
Fill/Vent Plunger KitPCK202$76.50 

Fill Vent Plunger Kit

Qty: Price: $76.50

Dump Plunger KitPCK203$76.50

Dump Plunger Kit

Qty: Price: $76.50

Spanner Nut Use to Disassemble Valves Without Damaging ThemILS014$29.50 

Spanner Nut

Qty: Price: $29.50