Below we have listed the most common, easily replaced parts for each model; If you need something not listed, either call or E-Mail us.   We will need the manufacturer, serial #, detailed description of part needed, etc and we will do the research and get back with you promptly.

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Part Description

Part #


General Maintenance Parts
Door Gasket 16.500" OD PCG019 $134.50 

Door Gasket

Qty: Price: $134.50

Sterilizer PM Kit Includes Gasket, Bellows, O Ring, * Fill FilterPCK216 $213.50 

Sterilizer PM Kit

Qty: Price: $213.50

Pel-Clean Concentrated Cleaner (16 oz Bottle) for All Pelton-Crane AutoclavesPCC249 $28.50 


Qty: Price: $28.50

Pel-Clean Concentrated Cleaner (Case of 12 Bottles) for All Pelton-Crane AutoclavesPCC250 $218.50 


Qty: Price: $218.50

Bellows Kit Includes Bellows, O Ring, & CapPCK224 $68.50 

Bellows Kit

Qty: Price: $68.50

Bellows OnlyPCB001 $54.50 

Bellows Only

Qty: Price: $54.50

Bellows Cap Requires Air Valve O RingPCC005 $26.50 

Bellows Cap

Qty: Price: $26.50

Air Valve O Ring Fits Bellows Cap 6 per PackageRPO354 $24.50 

Air Valve O Ring

Qty: Price: $24.50

Fill Vent TubePCT013 $26.50

Fill Vent Tube

Qty: Price: $26.50

Fill Filter OnlyPCF009 $18.50

Fill Filter

Qty: Price: $18.50

Filter With Cotter Pin Fits: Condensation
PCK226 $27.50

Filter With Cotter Pin

Qty: Price: $27.50

Frame, Cover & Hardware Parts
Pressure Gauge 0-60 PSIG Center Back MountPCG040$82.50 

Pressure Gauge

Qty: Price: $82.50

Pressure Relief Valve Cracking Pressure: 34

Pressure Relief Valve

Qty: Price: $148.50

Electrical Parts
"Power ON" Light PCL032 $39.50 

Power On Light

Qty: Price: $39.50

"Heat On" LightPCL030 $39.50 

Heat On Light

Qty: Price: $39.50

"Open Door" LightPCL029 $36.50 

Open Door Light

Qty: Price: $36.50

"Sterile" LightPCL031 $39.50 

Sterile Light

Qty: Price: $39.50

Main Heater Strip 240 VACPCH083$228.50 

Main Heater Strip 240VAC

Qty: Price: $228.50

Wall Heater Strip 240 VACPCH092$224.50 

Wall Heater Strip 240VAC

Qty: Price: $224.50

Overheat Thermostat Mounts on Heater ElementPCT197$62.50 

Overheat Thermostat

Qty: Price: $62.50

Pressure Switch Mounts of Frame of Bellows

Pressure Switch

Qty: Price: $64.50

1 Pound Pressure Switch Mounts on Bracket on 1 lb. Pressure Switch AssyPCS087$24.50 

One Pound Pressure Switch

Qty: Price: $24.50

Door Open SwitchPCS086$24.50 

Door Open Switch

Qty: Price: $24.50

Door Interlock SwitchPCS090$28.50 

Door Interlock Switch

Qty: Price: $28.50



Qty: Price: $49.50

Wall ThermostatPCT082$72.50 

Wall Thermostat

Qty: Price: $72.50

Latching RelayPCR196$146.50 

Latching Relay

Qty: Price: $146.50

Electric TimerPCT081$152.50 

Electric Timer

Qty: Price: $152.50

Power Cord With ConnectorsPCC003 $36.50 

Power Cord With Connectors

Qty: Price: $36.50

Power Cord Without ConnectorsPCC004 $38.50 

Power Cord Without Connectors

Qty: Price: $38.50

Main Valve Parts
Main Valve Body Valve Supplied with Packings
pressed in

Main Valve Body

Qty: Price: $184.50

Main Valve Kit NOTE: To Repair Valve, Will
Need 2 Kits

Main Valve Kit

Qty: Price: $38.50

Main Valve Cap Fits: Main ValvePCC073$18.50 

Main Valve Cap

Qty: Price: $18.50

Main Valve Nut Fits: Main ValvePCN072$18.50 

Main Valve Nut

Qty: Price: $18.50

Valve Button Retainer Fits: Main ValvePCR037$18.50 

Main Valve Retainer

Qty: Price: $18.50

Main Valve Stem Fits: Main ValvePCS074$16.50 

Main Valve Stem

Qty: Price: $16.50

Locator Arm Fits: Main Valve 3 per PackagePCA118$28.50 

Locator Arm

Qty: Price: $28.50

Power Switch (2 Lead)Mounts to Bracket in
Main Valve Assembly

Power Switch 2 Lead

Qty: Price: $23.50

Function Switch (3 Lead)Mounts to Bracket in
Main Valve Assembly

Function Switch 3 Lead

Qty: Price: $23.50