Statim 5000

Below we have listed the most common, easily replaced parts for each model; If you need something not listed, either call or E-Mail us.   We will need the manufacturer, serial #, detailed description of part needed, etc and we will do the research and get back with you promptly.

Shipping is included in the prices quoted!!

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Part Description

Part #


General Maintenance Parts
Cassette Seal & Lube Kit Change Cassette Seal Every 500 Cycles or 6 Months SCS029 $84.50 

Cassette Seal

Qty: Price: $84.50

Liquid Soap (Pack of 4)Lubricate Cassette Seal Once a WeekRPS287 $18.50 

Liquid Soap 4 Pack

Qty: Price: $18.50

Picture Not AvailableCompressor Filter Change Filter Every 3 MonthsSCF002 $16.50 

Compressor Filter

Qty: Price: $16.50

Picture Not AvailableBiological FilterSCF032 $54.50 

Biological Filter

Qty: Price: $54.50

Picture Not AvailableBracket for Biological Filter01-104284S $34.50 

Bracket for Biological Filter

Qty: Price: $34.50

Frame, Cover & Mechanical Parts
Compressor Check ValveSCK011 $78.50 

Compressor Check Valve

Qty: Price: $78.50

Pressure Relief ValveSCV004 $108.50 

Pressure Relief Valve

Qty: Price: $108.50

Condenser Waste Bottle KitSCK016 $148.50 

Condenser Waste Bottle Kit

Qty: Price: $148.50

Waste Bottle With LidSCB018 $75.50 

Waste Bottle With Lid

Qty: Price: $75.50

Condensation CoilSCC019 $58.50 

Condensation Coil

Qty: Price: $58.50

Exhaust Tubing KitSCK017 $48.50 

Exhaust Tubing

Qty: Price: $48.50

Push-In Elbow Fitting Swivels to Prevent Hose
RPF363 $38.50 

Push-In Elbow Fitting

Qty: Price: $38.50

Leveler Leg 4 per PackageRPF362 $16.50 

Leveler Leg

Qty: Price: $16.50

Picture Not AvailableLeveler Repair Kit01-104180S $14.50 

Leveler Repair Kit

Qty: Price: $14.50

Electrical Parts
Solenoid Repair KitSCK003$88.50 

Solenoid Repair Kit

Qty: Price: $88.50

Solenoid CoilSCC005$108.50 

Solenoid Coil

Qty: Price: $108.50

Spanner Nut Use to Remove Solenoid PlungerRPT364$28.50 

Spanner Nut

Qty: Price: $28.50

Double Thermal Fuse AssemblySCF006$34.50 

Thermal Fuse Assembly

Qty: Price: $34.50

Power SwitchSCS023$19.50 

Power Switch

Qty: Price: $19.50

Power Cord With Right Angle PlugRPC291$26.50 

Power Cord With Right Angle Plug

Qty: Price: $26.50