You knew more than the tech who came to my house

You didn’t ask for this, but I want to take the time to write a review for you because you are more than worth my time! My 96 year old father-in-law has a Pride lift chair that he adores. It was stuck in one position and would not function. He was heartsick over it and could not sleep well. I had a technician come out and he said it was either a motor or controller problem, but could be both. He gave a quote of $620 for motor and controller parts plus labor. My husband and I thought we should just buy a new one (he quoted us $900 for that).

I decided to Google “Pride chair” and found your website. It was like a treasure for me once I started reading the abundant information you have. Well, i ended up calling your number and was told by this wonderful gentleman exactly what was wrong with the chair. I ordered the part and it came in today. It took my husband 10 minutes to have the chair fixed following the instructions provided.

We paid $52.50 for the part but what it does for a 96-year-old is priceless! You will be who I go to whenever a lift chair part is needed. In fact, I will refer patients and their families to your site. You are so honest and you saved a 96-year-old from losing his beloved chair.

Thank you very much!

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