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The following are excerpts from letters and emails we received from former customers who have given us a chance to help when thy had a service problem.  These kind folks have given permission to have their comments published here.  Copies of the originals are here in our office for inspection (we aren't clever enough to make this stuff up...).  We would like to hear from you - good or bad - so please email us at    

You guys are FANTASTIC!!! 

I hope you remember me; I called you a couple of weeks ago to order a new lift chair.  While on the phone, I was complaining to you how my dad's old chair was only a couple of years old when it broke.  You asked what was wrong with it & when I told you about the motor, you said that all it might need was a new collar thing on the motor shaft.  You sent the part - a whopping $26.00 order - and even faxed my husband instructions in how to put it on!  I wanted to check on buying a $600.00 chair, and you talked me into a $26.00 part!!  That's the most fantastic customer service I've ever seen in my life!!!!  If you guys don't go broke first, I'll promise you one thing - I will always call you when I need something medical for my dad - and I'm going to tell everyone at his assisted living center about you guys!!!!!  I hope the cookies I sent made it safety there; and that you enjoy them.

Thank you again!!

Judy Salles, Ft Worth, TX

You didn't ask for this, but I want to take the time to write a review for you because you are more than worth my time!  My 96 year old father-in-law has a Pride lift chair that he adores.  It was stuck in one position and would not function.  He was heartsick over this chair and could not sleep well.  I had a technician came out and either motor or controller problem but can be both.  He gave a quote for motor and controller parts plus labor for a total of $620.  My husband and I thought we should just buy a new one as a new one quoted for us was only $900.

While I was online the other day I decided to Google for Pride chair and found your website.  It was like a treasure for me once I started reading the abundant information you have.  Well, i ended up calling your number and was told by this wonderful gentleman exactly what was wrong with my father-in-law's chair - he knew more about the chair from 500 miles away than the technician I had here in the house with it!!  I ordered the part that came in today with specific instructions.  It took my husband 10 minutes to have this chair fixed following instructions provided.

We paid $52.50 for the part but what it does for a 96 year old is priceless!  You will be who I go to whenever a lift chair part is needed.  In fact, I will refer patients and their families to your site.  You are so honest and you saved a 96 year old from losing his beloved chair.

Thank you very much!!

Sally Martinkovic, Cincinnati, OH

I would like to personally thank Bobby for his outstanding customer service effort in helping me to get my 90 year old father-in-law's eleven year old lift chair back in operation.  Due to past hip and knee surgeries, the proper operation of this chair is important regarding his daily ease of functioning and comfort.  Bobby was great in helping me diagnose the problem (walked me through troubleshooting the motor, transformer and hand control unit) and provided me with several options to get the chair fixed.  He did everything that he said he would, when he said he would do it.  Super fast shipping!  I wish more dealings with companies and their service personnel were even half this good.  The chair is back in operation and my father-in-law couldn't be happier!  Your company is great to deal with and Bobby is on it!

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for all your help.  The control showed up exactly as planned and by following your directions I had no trouble connecting it, by-passing the controller.  Without your insight and clear and easy to follow instructions I doubt I would ever have fixed it.

Many thanks,

T.L. Garrett, Jonesville, VA

My faith in great service has been restored by Medical Center Supply's attitude in supplying quick help when my lift chair quit working.  I went on line to your site and read the information about problem checking and whoever wrote up the instructions was great.  The info was right-on and identified my problem - the hand control to operate the chair needed replacing.  Further, I don't think I have ever had better or faster service in getting a part to make the chair work.  Ordered on Tuesday at 12:17am (note the time) and here on Thursday morning.  You guys are great!

J Saunders, Anderson, SC

Thank you so much for the prompt service.  And the young lady I talked to (Terrie) was very pleasant and was a great help in calming the panicking customer attitude.

Rita Baker, Peoria, IL

I just wanted to thank you for helping me fix my sterilizer.  I was ready to buy a new one because it wouldn't get hot enough, and you took the time to ask me what it was doing, and suggested working that wire around in the reservoir where the water goes.  That seemed to do the trick!!  I'm not sure how helping me got you any money in your pocket, but I can promise that any time I need anything from now on, I will come to you first!!  Thanks Again!

Dr. William Preston, Cincinnati, OH

This is to thank you for the timely response to my query.  As it happens, the power supply we have turned out to be OK, and I found the fault in a crushed connector between the hand control and the unit, which had been squashed in the mechanism when the chair was lowered.  I mainly want to compliment you and your firm on the excellent info on your website, and the professional way you handled my enquiry.  Its not often (in AU at least) that one finds such outstanding help as you provided, and I thank you for it.

John Stamp, Melbourne, Australia

Thanks again fro another OEM part.  The speed in expedited parts is rapid and precise.  I would recommend your business to anyone who asks for a supplier of replacement parts.  If every company was ran like yours life would be stress free.  Thank you again and I will be in contact for future needs.  p.s. I hope all your family and friends are safe and sound from the horrible weather and storms hitting the South.  Our prayers are offered for your safety and protection.  God bless your business and families.

Joe Stanoski, Halethorpe, MD

I know you say call in orders can take longer, but I called in yesterday morning to order Pride part # 8216QD hand control because I needed it ASAP!  You were not only very helpful but polite and accommodating.  You even checked on inventory before you took my payment.  You sent it out USPS Express and they even surprised me by knocking on the door at 2:53pm the next day.  The control was installed in a minute, two minutes max and tested.  It works!!  Mom, who is 91, is taking a nap in the chair and doesn't even know it works yet.  Thank you so much.  Now I can get her out of the chair again without having to jumper the old switch with a screwdriver!  lol-awesome!!  I've put Medical Center Supply in my favorites so I'll never forget who you are.

Thanks again!

Roger Hartman, Wooster, OH

Thank you for such excellent customer service!  The control arrived today and was the right one (thanks to your great website instructions) and it was easy to install.  I am so appreciative!!  I have been caring for my husband for 15 years - he has MS.  I don't remember having such excellent customer service during this time - it means so much during a time that is already so stressful.  Thank you again!!

With much appreciation,

Belinda Clarry, Corona, CA

Thank you for the excellent information on your web site that allowed me to repair my Mother's lift chair.  Thanks to your clear and detailed directions I was able to diagnose the problem as a worn out switch.  I ordered the part from you (even though the place I bought the chair from said that it wasn't available) and it was delivered promptly.  The chair now works perfectly!  Best of all, I did not have to spend hundreds of dollars for a new chair!  A $32 switch vs. a $900 chair!

Best regards,

Jack Ebersole, Smyrna, GA

What a great company!!  After calling the lift chair manufacturer to discuss a problem they hung up on me!!  As it turned out that was actually a good thing.  I found your Company!  Terrie was superb, I would like to personally thank her.  She identified the cause of the problem in no time!  The part was received promptly as promised.  You have won another loyal customer!!

Ralph F Smith, Coral Springs, FL

Just a quick praise.  Thank you for all the help with Mom's lift chair.  The recommended motor replacement is working fine, especially after I connected it correctly.  Thank you for the call and the recommendation, and for taking back the stroke arm as it wasn't useful.

David McCary, Shreveport, LA

It was refreshing to work with someone who understands customer service!  So many businesses today see it as a burden and put people in charge that probably can't spell it much less do it.  I wonder if it isn't related to the South and the lifestyle that has passed by so many other areas.

Thanks again,

Dave Grant, Cave Creek, AZ

I received my parts quickly from your company.  Repaired my Dad's chair in five minutes.  Your salespeople responded quickly and clearly explained what I needed to swap parts, and your website was not only clear about how to repair the chair, but entertaining, informative and easy to read!  A++++ I wish I knew more people that I could recommend your company to!!

Michelle Fraser, Lucerne Valley, CA

Just a note of thanks for quick and prompt shipping of the part that I needed for my chair.  I had no problem at all diagnosing the problem with the help of your website.  Identifying the part (hand switch) was a snap with the pictures provided.  The time you spent setting up the website was a huge help for me.  Thanks again!

Glen Sueda, Honolulu, HI

You folks are awesome!  I ordered my part Wednesday morning 5:55am and received my part in the mail Friday.  Thanks so much!!  My wife is so happy to have her chair repaired so quickly.  Also I appreciate the description of your parts and accessories.  It makes it so easy to understand and do yourself and your prices are great.  Also i look forward to spreading the word to those who may have need of your services.  Thanks again so much!!

Mitchell Kilgore, Scottsboro, AL

I think we have found a new source for wheelchair parts! 

My maintenance supervisor had been ordering out of one of those mail order catalogs for the last few years; those folks were kind of slow, and you didn't know if you were going to get the parts until (or if) they arrived.  Thanks for keeping us so informed.  We are working up a stock order now; you should be getting it soon (thanks for the tip on always ordering the same color upholstery - this will make it so much easier!).

Thanks again,

David Simpson, Augusta, GA

Thanks again for all you did for my dad in his final days.  We kept the wheelchair, as my aunt is donating it to her Church.  Thanks for taking back the roller walker; the credit showed on my card when you said it would.  I wish everybody was as helpful as you guys were during these trying times.

Anne Davis, Troy, MI


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