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SonixIV began manufacturing ultrasonic cleaning systems in Los Angeles, California in 1972, and has been in Huntington Beach, California since 1987, until their very recent move to North Charleston, South Carolina. 

They started primarily as a manufacturer of ultrasonic cleaning systems for other equipment manufacturers. Today they still manufacture a wide selection of ultrasonic cleaning systems under other trade names, but the majority of their products proudly bear the SonixIV logo.  This means that if you buy several of the competitors, you are buying a SonixIV anyway.

Their products range from the Benchtop Ultrasonic Cleaners to the heavy duty TF-Series Industrial Tank Systems. They also manufacture several cleaning accessory items that facilitate cleaning processes, and the advanced SIV-Chem line of ultrasonic cleaning solutions.

Standard models come with a 0 to 30 minute ON/OFF timer, stainless steel basket, and stainless steel cover.  Models 9.2 quart and above come standard with drain and easy open/close valves.  Optional items include heaters, drains, baskets and numerous other cleaning accessories (Model SS100 not available with timer or heater).

The SS Series Systems are backed by a 2/10 WARRANTY that covers all parts and labor, including the Acousti-Pulse Generators, for 2 Years and the PowerMass Transducers for 10 YEARS.

What sets them apart from the competition is quality. Quality in product, and quality in service. They maintain a "Customer Driven" design and service philosophy giving attention to those details that benefit our customers.  Sonix IV designs and manufactures their ultrasonic cleaning systems for durability and performance.  They are simply the best made units in the world.

Units are manufactured with both 120 volt power for U.S. power systems, as well as 240 volt models for international markets.  Please click on any model below for details on both systems.

         **  Stainless Steel Baskets Included With All Ultrasonic Cleaners!! **

Shipping (in the Continental USA) is included in the prices quoted !!

Be aware, many retailers on the web do not include shipping with the price of their products. With those guys, the only way you find your true cost is after you go through their registration process and give all your credit card information during checkout.   The prices you see on our web site is the total cost you will pay - no hidden costs, no fine print, no hidden anything...



   Product Description Retail    Your

Sonix IV SS192 Ultrasonic Cleaner
*1.2 pint capacity
*Tank dimensions 6.0W X 3.2 H X 2.0 D
Sonix IV ST164 Ultrasonic Cleaner
*2 quart capacity
*Tank dimensions 5.5W X 5.0 H X 4.0 D
Sonix IV ST144 Ultrasonic Cleaner
*3.6 quart capacity
*Tank dimensions 9.5W X 5.0 H X 4.0 D
Sonix IV ST134 Ultrasonic Cleaner
*4 quart capacity
*Tank dimensions 11.0W X 6.0 H X 4.0 D
Sonix IV ST136 Ultrasonic Cleaner
*6.4 quart capacity
*Tank dimensions 11.5W X 6.0 H X 6.0 D
Sonix IV ST126 Ultrasonic Cleaner
*10.8 quart capacity
*Tank dimensions 11.5W X 9.5 H X 6.0 D
$1,125.00 $872.50
Sonix IV ST236 Ultrasonic Cleaner
*14.4 quart capacity
*Tank dimensions 11.5W X 12.8 H X 6.0 D
$1,495.00 $1,134.50
Sonix IV ST116 Ultrasonic Cleaner
*22 quart capacity
*Tank dimensions 19.5W X 11.0 H X 6.0 D
$1,940.00 $1,462.50
Sonix IV ST118 Ultrasonic Cleaner
*31.2 quart capacity
*Tank dimensions 19.5W X 11.5 H X 8.0 D
$2,600.00 $1,942.50

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