9205 FBS Linear Actuator LMD 6208D Base Motor


The 9205 motors have been primarily used in the older model Pride and Mega motion lift chair. There is one cord coming from this motor: male two-pin round and flat plug. There should be a sicker of the side of your motor that says FBS Linear Actuator (the writing on the sticker will be very small). If so, and you have two motors in your chair, this will be the correct base motor.
LMD6208C1 LINEAR ACTUATOR Model: LMD6208 BASE MOTOR, Input: 24VDC, MaxLoad: 6000N, Max. 4.5A, Stroke: 165mm, Speed: 6mm/s, CLASS B, Duty Cycle: 2min ON/18min OFF
S/N: L06-22300460055

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