4260 Hubbell Stroke Tube

4260 Hubbell Lift Chair Stroke Tube

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4260 Hubbell Lift Chair Stroke Tube  Retail price: $78.00.

4260 Hubbell Lift Chair Stroke Tube
Qty: Price: $56.50

Note:  Since Hubbell Special Products went bankrupt almost ten years ago, there are very few component parts available.  We have now gotten a source for this #4260 stroke tube.  However, please note that this stroke tube will only fit a Hubbell motor in a lift chair.   Please DON’T ORDER THIS to install in a bed, treadmill, dental chair, etc. as it WILL NOT FIT those applications – it doesn’t matter if it “sorta kinda” looks like yours, both the stroke length, thread size, and the mounting system WILL NOT WORK ON ANYTHING BUT A LIFT CHAIR! Also, this part is more difficult to install than many would think; you can’t just unscrew the old tube and screw the new one on; the new stroke tube has to be installed from the bottom end; this means you have to take the main drive gear out of the motor housing, and screw on the tube that way, then reinstall the gears and retime the motor.  Instructions on how to do this are toward the end of the Hubbell section of our Troubleshooting tips pages.  If you want to attempt this repair on your lift chair, we have the part available.  However, we strongly recommend you replace the complete motor (our part #4200).

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