8216QD Infinite Hand Control, Quick Disconnect


8216QD Pride Original Infinite Control Hand Control with Quick Disconnect Plug

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Note: The #8216QD is for Pride (and some other manufacturers) Infinite Control chairs made after November 2006 that has a larger paddle switch for up & down, and a smaller switch below that that moves from side to side, and that has a quick disconnect plug on the end of the cord; it is a straight connector, and plugs into an extension cable either in the side pocket of the chair, or in the back of the chair.  That extension cable then plugs into a control box mounted under the chair.  This control will work as long as it has a quick disconnect connector plug, and it is a standard size chair with one motor that picks the chair up & down, another motor mounted in the back frame of the chair that moves the back of the chair into a sleeping position.  If you don’t know whether your chair has one or two motors, lie the chair down on its side and look underneath; if it is an infinite control chair, there will be one motor that raises and lowers the chair, and another motor that moves the back of the chair.

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